Your Future, Your Voice - Alberta Equity Act

In the wake of anti-racist protests in 2020, we called on organizations, advocates, community leaders, Indigenous and racialized Albertans from varying backgrounds to participate in a series of conversations on the reality of racism in Alberta.

Based on their initial input, we began work on anti-racism in six issue areas: healthcare, education, public safety, community support, economic participation, and democratic participation.

Participants made it loud and clear — they want substantive change, and they want it now. An overwhelming number of respondents advocated for the collection of race-based data.

In this legislative session, MLA David Shepherd will be introducing the “Alberta Equity Act” a piece of legislation that will mandate the collection of Race-Based Data. Before we vote, we want to make sure that we’ve heard from you all one more time.

Join MLA Shepherd on March 30th at 6:00 pm to review and discuss the new “Alberta Equity Act.”

Your privacy is important to us, and any personal information you share with Alberta's NDP Caucus is strictly confidential.

Your Future, Your Voice - Alberta Equity Act Consultation