Gender-Based Analysis Plus

Gender-Based Analysis Plus

We in the Alberta NDP Caucus believe that policies should be inclusive - both in how they are formed, and how they impact the individuals with whom they interact. That is why we are committed to ensuring that all policies undergo a GBA+ analysis.

When developing policies and recommendations, we do so through a GBA+ lens, to consider not just who may be impacted by the policy, but how different individuals and their unique circumstances may cause them to benefit more or less than another. We engage with a broad spectrum of Albertans, and try our very best to get things right.

The reality however, is that we are a caucus with limited resources, and lack access to the information and data that is available to federal, provincial and municipal governments. We are bound by what is publicly available - and particularly due to the new reality of COVID-19, previous information no longer holds true.

Evidence is emerging that the COVID-19 pandemic and its negative impacts are being felt differently by Albertans. Gender, differing levels of income, ability, ethnicity and race are affecting how people are able to weather this downturn - and how they will come out the other side.

That is why we want to hear from you - to give us feedback on our proposals. To provide us with new ideas and insights. 

We will continue to push the current Government to collect the necessary data to build a framework to undertake that analysis, and implement policies and programs that work for all Albertans. Future Governments will depend on it - and we hope when the time comes, you trust us to take that role.

Until then, as our proposals roll out, and as we update our work and engage in conversations with Albertans, we will continue to apply GBA+ to our work, and will let you know how that has impacted outputs.


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