Alberta's Future, Your Future.


Alberta’s NDP has a vision for an Alberta economy that works for everyone, not just the rich. To do that, we are engaging in a long-term project to hear from Albertans and work on solutions together.

All of our ideas are built around five principles:

We will take your feedback, your input, and your ideas and together we will create a plan for an economy that creates jobs today, and builds for the future.

Here you will find a series of proposals that you are invited to read and submit your feedback.

We will also be hosting a series of roundtable discussions where we will discuss these proposals with you face-to-face. The costing in each proposal on this site is only a starting point. It does not represent the final budget and intends only to fuel further discussion.

As well, the list of areas we’re working in is not exhaustive.

If you think there is a sector, an idea, or an opportunity that should be part of our plan, we invite you to submit those to us as well.

Working together, we can build Alberta's future.

Share Your Ideas

At the end of the day, the Alberta advantage is not what flows under the ground, but what walks on the ground. It’s everyday people that make Alberta strong. And that’s why we want to bring Albertans together. Because together, we can create a beautiful future. 

- Rachel Notley