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City of Calgary - Calgary's Greater Downtown Plan

The City of Calgary has provided their working plan to revitalize Calgary's Greater Downtown area.  

Calgary's Greater Downtown Plan

City of Calgary - Idea Pitch for Downtown Vibrancy from U of C Students

The City of Calgary released the ideas collected from the University of Calgary Students to increase Calgary's downtown vibrancy. 

City of Calgary - Student Idea Pitch Downtown Calgary

City of Calgary - Office Retrofit Presentation

The City of Calgary released the Downtown Calgary retrofit study, using Eau Claire Place as a case study. 

City of Calgary - Office Retrofit Presentation

Alberta BIA Alliance- Support for Alberta Restaurants Delivery Fee Rate Cap

Alberta BIA Alliance wrote in support for our call of a blanket, 15 per cent cap on fees charged to establishments by third-party delivery apps, such as SkipTheDishes, Uber Eats and DoorDash. 

Read Full Letter Here

Canadian Geothermal Energy Association

CanGEA has submitted to us their Alberta Geothermal Policy and Regulatory Framework Proposal. This report is in response to the the Government's Bill 36 Geothermal Resource Development Act.

CanGEA- Alberta Geothermal Policy and Regulatory Frameworks


Basic Income Report- Government of British Columbia

Basic Income Report

The Government of British Columbia commissioned this report to provide insight on basic income policies on a provincial level. We encourage you to read it. We are posting this report solely as a resource for those that want to read the report.

This is not an endorsement of the report or any of the policies within it. We welcome your ideas on basic income policies!

BC Government- Basic Income Report