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Our Economic Proposals

Welcome to the very core of Alberta's Future.

Below you will find an initial list of economic areas that Alberta's NDP Caucus have already begun working on. We will begin releasing proposal papers on October 16, starting with a forward-looking strategy for hydrogen production.

There are also online and in-person discussions you can sign up for on various areas and more of those opportunities will be added constantly. If we haven't set discussion dates for the area you're most interested in, check back often or sign up on this page for email updates.

The list below is far from exhaustive and will be added to and adjusted as we continue to talk with Albertans like you. Alberta's Future is a conversation for all Albertans. We want to work with you. We need your help.

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Producing and exporting blue and green hydrogen will spur job creation and prosperity for Alberta going forward.

Affordable Childcare

We recognize affordable childcare for what it is - an economic driver.


Harnessing the work of companies and expanding the industry to position Alberta as leading player on the tech scene.


Geothermal development can create a unique opportunity to develop unused oil wells into a new clean energy source.

Post-Secondary Development

Timely and affordable access to skills training is needed for a diverse, future ready workforce in Alberta.

Internet & Future Connectivity

To secure our economic future we need to expand internet coverage across Alberta with next generation connectivity.

Agricultural Innovation

Building the next generation of agricultural production to drive innovation, job creation, and capture market share.

Healthcare Research & Innovation

We are a global leader in healthcare research and innovation. We need to harness that research to grow the economy.

Indigenous Economic Participation

Working with Indigenous communities to grow the economy and walk the path of real reconciliation.

Small Business Success and Expansion

Albertans are risk takers and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to empower our fellow citizens to own their own future.

Creative Industries

Harnessing our arts, culture, and entertainment sectors to grow the economy.

Green Tech

We have exceptional assets. We have great expertise. Alberta should be a global player, we need to decide our future.

Tourism Promotion

Let’s make it easier to enjoy Alberta. Alberta creates experiences of a lifetime and drives economic growth.

Lithium, Batteries & Energy Storage

Let’s position Alberta to benefit from the rapidly growing battery and energy storage industry.


Know how. Scale. Innovation. Let’s make Alberta the leading large regional transportation hub in North America.


Let’s build up manufacturing in Alberta to own the future of onshoring and grow sustainable jobs right here in Alberta.

Affordable Housing

Putting a roof over the heads of Albertans is key to building an economy that benefits all.

Bitumen Beyond Combustion

Bitumen can be manufactured into more than oil. There is an opportunity to diversify and support jobs in the oilsands.