Rural Sustainability Consultation

Rural Albertans have shown great resiliency over the years by working hard to keep their communities strong, but they cannot do it alone.

The Government needs a new strategy to support rural Alberta so that future generations will continue to call it home.

Many rural communities have seen businesses close, jobs lost and many have been forced to leave their hometowns in search of opportunities elsewhere. 

We have seen government resources disappear all across rural Alberta. We watched vital services regularly cut, consolidated, and moved further and further away. We’ve seen community hospitals and schools closed, and funding for law enforcement and healthcare services cut or mismanaged.

This is not what we want for rural Alberta. We need a new plan to help rural communities to be sustainable for generations to come, but we need your help. 

You can read about the consult through our What We Heard Page - Rural Sustainability

What We Heard From You - Rural Sustainability Consult

We are inviting you provide feedback on how we can make rural Alberta more sustainable.



Rural Sustainability Consultation: