Your Pension Belongs to You – Next Steps Consultation

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The UCP government has made significant and negative changes to how teachers’ pensions and other public sector pension plans are governed in Alberta. The government has ignored a simple truth: Your Pension Belongs to You!

With the support of tens of thousands of Albertans, the Alberta NDP caucus put forward two substantive pieces of legislation (Bill 203 and Bill 208) to protect your rights and strengthen pension governance. Despite our best efforts, these initiatives were defeated by the UCP.

We continue to hear one crystal message from Albertans: Don’t give up the fight to secure our retirement and protect our pensions!

Join NDP Leader Rachel Notley, Finance Critic Shannon Phillips, Labour Critic Christina Gray and Education Sarah Hoffman. We want your input as we continue to fight for a pension that belongs to you.

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Your Pension is Yours- Next Steps Consultation