Internet & Future Connectivity Consultation: Connecting Alberta

High-speed internet builds our economy, bit by bit. Reliable and fast internet connectivity is essential for all Albertans' economic participation. 

A quality fibre optic network is essential for economic and business innovation across rural Alberta. We simply cannot compete globally, attract new investment, or sustain vibrant communities without stable, reliable, high-speed internet. 

That means no more dial-up. No more waiting to be connected. Albertans deserve a better plan for our communities, from downtown Calgary to remote family farms, and the only way we get there is by developing a strategy for high-speed internet connectivity right across Alberta.

Our Caucus is preparing our policy proposals to improve rural internet connectivity for public release. These proposals are not final. We want to hear your thoughts, ideas, and criticisms so that we can work together to build the best plan for all Albertans.


We are inviting you to the Internet & Future Connectivity Consultation with Service Alberta Critic Jon Carson and other members of Alberta's NDP.

Please fill out the information below to provide feedback. Your privacy is important to us. Any personal information you share with Alberta's NDP Caucus is strictly confidential.


Connecting Alberta with Service Alberta Critic Jon Carson: