Alberta Fiscal Framework Consultation

Albertans have been riding the revenue rollercoaster for generations. It's always exciting on the way up, but far too destructive on the way down. We cannot afford to waste the surplus.

We have a great opportunity to build for our future and help those that need it most, but we cannot afford to squander it.
It’s like the saying on that bumper sticker: “Please God, give me one more oil boom. I promise not to piss it all away next time.” 
We’ve got one more oil boom and it's bringing extraordinary revenue into the provincial treasury. Alberta’s NDP commits that, should we form the next government, we will not piss away this boom.

As we develop our plan for the surplus, we are committed to five principles:

  • Recognizing this revenue is unreliable and simply cannot be used for ordinary operational spending. 

  • Focusing on getting the best return on investment, through consultation with Albertans and financial experts from Alberta and around the world.

  • Recognizing Alberta will not get off the revenue rollercoaster without real progress on diversifying the economy and creating sustainable, long-term jobs. 

  • Providing immediate action to help Albertans facing an emergency cost-of-living crisis, one not seen in four decades.

  • Repairing the damage done to the public healthcare and education systems.

With all of this mind, we want you to have your say. After all, this windfall belongs to each and every one of you.

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Fiscal Framework Consultation