Defending Our Mountains with the Eastern Slopes Protection Act

We Need to Pass The Eastern Slopes Protection Act

In 2020, the UCP government revoked Alberta's Coal Development Policy. This policy, which had existed for 40 years, protected the Eastern Slopes — our clean drinking water, beautiful mountain landscapes and our incredible provincial parks — from coal mining.

Last fall, the findings released by the Coal Policy Committee confirmed what we already knew — strip mining the Eastern Slopes poses a significant risk to our headwaters and environment.

Despite our collective efforts to stop coal mining on the Eastern Slopes, Danielle Smith and the UCP have refused to close this door and enshrine protection for our mountains and crucial watersheds into law.

In Grande Cache, a new coal mine is being developed. The reality is the UCP will continue to quietly promote coal mining throughout Alberta.

We must call on the UCP to stop this once and for all.

Currently, the only thing stopping Smith and the UCP from strip mining the Eastern Slopes is a ministerial order passed by Sonya Savage, who no longer holds elected office.

Albertans deserve a legal guarantee that our drinking water and our mountains will always be protected.

The Alberta NDP respects that water security and maintaining clean drinking water in our province will always be more important than coal mining. It's why we promised that, if elected, we would pass the Eastern Slopes Protection Act, banning coal mining in this vital area once and for all.

Please sign this petition to call on the UCP to protect our mountains and vital headwaters and pass the Eastern Slopes Protection Act.


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