Competitiveness, Jobs & Investment Strategy for Alberta Consultation

Right now, the energy sector investment is down at a time when cash flows are high. Overall investment levels are also flagging. This means Alberta is losing investment, losing out on economic growth and losing well-paying jobs. We need to have a strategy to reverse this.

Alberta's NDP recently released a slate of new policies that will grow investment and create thousands of stable jobs.

Our Proposal

  • Alberta's Future Tax Credit

Alberta's Future Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit of 20 per cent on capital investment in new emerging sectors. An incremental refundable amount of up to 10 per cent will be awarded for new capital investment that generates key outcomes, like high-skilled job opportunities, new technological capacity in our province, or new sectoral skills and know-how.

  • Supercharging the Alberta Petrochemical Incentive Program

Alberta must continue to build on its strengths. We will expand the Alberta Petrochemical Incentive Program (APIP), a highly successful Petrochemical Diversification Program brought in by the NDP. The current program is working well, but it could work better with the right investment.

  • Consult on Expanding the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation

We have heard initial feedback that the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation is working. We would launch broad consultations and incorporate Indigenous perspectives on potential expansion into a greater number of sectors across the economy, and, in some cases, at a smaller scale than large energy projects.

  • Performance Fast Pass & Navigators

We propose establishing a regulatory Performance Fast Pass. This pass would be available to companies that have a proven track record of compliance with all rules and regulations applying to the company.

  • Repeal the Sovereignty Act

We will repeal the job-killing Sovereignty Act. It has no place in Alberta, where we must value our stable and secure investment environment. At minimum, the Act creates instability and uncertainty in our economy at a pivotal time when every signal must be clear and aligned to attract business growth and investment.

Read Our Full Strategy Here

However, these policies are not final. We want to hear from you about how we can generate new investment and grow our economy.

We invite you to the Competitiveness, Jobs & Investment Strategy consultation with Finance Critic Shannon Phillips, Energy Critic Kathleen Ganley & Rural Economic Development, Agriculture & Forestry Critic Heather Sweet.



Competitiveness, Jobs & Investment Strategy Consultation with MLA Shannon Phillips, MLA Kathleen Ganley and MLA Heather Sweet