Your Pension is Yours

Your Pension is yours.  

Or at least it used to, until actions taken by the UCP government.

Shortly after the 2019 election, the UCP under Premier Kenney introduced Bill 22 with no consultation. The legislation dramatically restructured how public pensions were governed, affecting the retirement security of hundreds of thousands of Albertans. With one piece of legislation, joint governance was dismantled, and all public sector plans were prevented from leaving AIMCo, irrespective of the investment managers’ performance. These actions made Alberta an outlier relative to other provinces.

Premier, Danielle Smith issued a mandate letter to her Finance Minister. Her direction was crystal clear: step up your efforts to leave the CPP.

Albertans have paid into CPP all their working lives. The value of any one individuals’ pension is a function of how long they worked, and how much they earned. The CPP doesn’t belong to any government, it belongs to the individuals who worked for it.

The message from working people is clear: they are concerned about their retirement security, and they want more done. They want better pensions.

The problem we are trying to solve is therefore simple: what can the Government of Alberta do to support good pensions and protect retirement security? What can we do to help the private sector create good workplace pensions for Albertans? What can we do to help attract and retain talent for Alberta employers?


"An Alberta NDP government will protect your Canadian Pension and protect retirement security" Rachel Notley

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