Technology and AI Proposal

Technology and Artificial Intelligence is a sector that has proven that it can be an economic driver and create jobs for Albertans. Employment in Alberta’s technology sector grew by 25 per cent in 2020. This puts the technology sector in a rare position as one of the few sectors in Alberta’s economy that continues to grow, and create jobs despite the pandemic and economic decline.

Globally, the technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) industries are showing enormous growth potential. As the world moves toward a knowledge-based economy,innovation and technology are increasingly becoming key factors in value creation. Alberta has the building blocks in place to be a leading jurisdiction in research and development. We can attract new tech companies, invest in training and post-secondary excellence, and the development of patents. We can create much-needed jobs by leveraging our skilled workers and existing specialized knowledge in energy, renewables, medical research, and agriculture and agribusiness in order to diversify, innovate, and grow our economy.

Alberta’s NDP is committed to ensuring that Alberta is once again a competitive destination for these investments by creating the best possible innovation environment that will attract new business and grow the industry here at home.

Our Proposal

Our proposals are aimed at supporting Alberta start-ups throughout the entire timeline illustrated above. As companies move across the timeline their ability to raise capital increases. A secure funding environment must be in place in order to retain the most promising and innovative companies, support job creation, and further diversify Alberta’s economy.


Growth Capital 

  • Establish the Alberta Venture Fund
  • Grow and Modernize Alberta Enterprise Corporation
  • Attract a Global Accelerator
  • Reinstate the Alberta Investor Tax Credit

Digital Growth

  • Establish a Dedicated Research & Development Fund
  • Invest in Applied Research in AI
  • Create a Competency Centre for Digitalization
  • Reinstate the Digital Media Tax Credit


Alberta’s tech and AI sectors have enormous potential to create jobs and grow our economy but they need consistency and certainty when it comes to support for their area. Together, we can harness these strengths to create and expand on innovative made-in-Alberta technologies that are needed on the global stage - Rachel Notley


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John Hemmingway & Lenore


We would like to know if it is correct that Alberta received $465 million for Frontline workers one time payment (from the Federal government) but there is only $333 million being disbursed. Is this correct? If so can the UCP account for the difference? So very glad that the NDP are on our side and on the side of ALL Alberta's. THANK YOU.

Stan Whitson


As a retired baby boomer the proposals are comprehensive and well thought out. Buy in from the general public and rural areas are important. The tech sector needs greater transparency. Every jurisdiction supports AI but it's more rhetoric than practicality. I definitely agree universities and tech institutes need more support. You need people with expertise, something the general public and politicians don't necessarily have. Stan Whitson

Ken Bainey


Excellent proposal for Alberta Diversification