Protecting Albertans from Inflation

It has been a generation, but inflation is back. What once used to preoccupy Main Street and Bay Street is now once again a real concern for all Albertans.

Inflation is generally understood as the rise in the price of goods and services in our economy. A generation of Albertans have understood that inflation would rise each year, at roughly 2 per cent. However, we are now in a new inflationary era, and decisions made by the UCP government have made a bad situation worse.

After a prolonged discussion in the previous era of high inflation, a policy consensus emerged at the turn of the century: government’s in Canada would index the income tax system to account for inflation each year.

Read our full report to see how we can make life a little bit more affordable. 

We will inflation-proof your budget, by giving you back more of your income taxes and more in benefits at the same rate as inflation. - Shannon Phillips Finance Critic

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What is the NDP doing for people who have student loans? Canada student loans are at 0% so are BCs. Why can’t alberta do the same. Inflation is affecting young people too but there doesn’t seem to be much support for people who are out of university but don’t have a family.

Tracy W


I live on AISH due to MS. I live very frugally and cannot make ends meet. I alternate day fast to save on groceries because the food bank cannot provide a MS diet. I don't understand is this; why the AISH allowance isn't equivalent to the living wage? I could manage on the living wage even with the rising costs. It's not enough we're suffering physically but we must also bear the humiliation of government imposed poverty. I would work if I could. Do we not deserve at the very least the dignity of being able to make our bills? I am calling out for the AISH allowance to be the same as the living wage of a full time employee. Promise this and I will vote for you.



Yes the UCP forgot about people who are on disability and am on Disability through work and disability pension whose income has decreased!I was forgotten will your govt do something to help me and people who have no children or just talk about it if in govt should be first thing implemented



I feel like the index didnt fix the root cause of inflation. I think one of the policy should consider to regulate how much utility company can charge for ridership cost and administrations cost since utility company here is monopoly, government should step in to regulate what they have.

Ramona Pannewitz


Caps need to be placed on utility rates and insurance.

Joan Kent


Hi Shannon, can we add something in their for seniors. We just seem to get missed. We would do far better if we could get the benefits not based on the fact you r married. It’s like their punishing us for being married.

Shelley Sauvageau


I found it so Interesting how on a power bill received with the $50 to help with the power bills, my power bill had increased to just over an additional $50. I was curious how many others had this happen.

Joseph Douziech


Please stop bugging AISH between Senior Couples than singles income due worsen situations and inflations with assets, Avoid divorce and separate make more money than couple's income.

Suzanne E


I am on an aish chat group on social media and consistently hear stories about super invasive questions they get from aish. They are bullies. They ask for details on all accounts and spending. All they need to know is that you don’t have more than 100,000 dollars. Rdsp is exempt so why do they keep asking for it’s balance ? I got similar requests from my daughter and told them it was my job to protect her privacy....but she’s not alone. If you ever get to chose please stop aish upsetting people like this it is heartbreaking. A simple statement or just balances should be all and only from non exempt sources.

Ken Kirk


What about people on Barriers From Employment? Do we get to rot in abject poverty as I did through most of your term in government? I get Except for a brief period of one year when I got $1280/mo I've been getting less than $900/mo for the last 12 years and that's including my CPP. Every day it gets worse. This month I crash and burn financially, I'm about to go bankrupt over a $1000 card I maxed out with moving expenses after a building fire in February. Everyone I know on Barriers From Employment is suffering greatly, it's the place people go when they slip halfway through the cracks. Life on Barriers From Employment is truly hellish, I've suffered a lot of domestic instability, abusive roommates, abusive landlords, and always having to pick up the pieces of my life and start over with no resources to do it with. Next month I'm going to lose my phone and my power and there's nothing I can do about it. Plus every time I've reached out to you I get no useful response, In fact when I've tried to get other MLAs to appeal to you on my behalf when I got no answers from you, my MLA, all I got back from them was lies about how your office had responded to my concerns. I find your concerns about inflation to be kind of late, my life is already unbearable. It's quite evident that you don't care about me. It's quite evident that you don't care about anyone on Barriers From Employment either, because if you had they would have gotten some relief when you were in office.

Barry Martens


The federal govt still indexing for taxation? UCP going after AISH and Seniors? How does de indexing impact average Albertans? If Alberta reduces tax rate then all Albertans gain. Corporate tax rates stay the same? Special tax rate for Seniors?>65 yrs. Have a great day

Lee Eddy


Please remove the provincial tax on carbon emissions and lobby the federal government to do the same. The price of energy affects the price of everything else, especially food. If you want to help the poor do this: This is a higher priority than climate change as people will start starving soon. Climate change has to many maybe to be a priority over people not dying.

Stephen Gaudreau


I hope you get in soon

Dave Daniels


I sure hope you guys get in next election. I live on AISH. I am feeling the pinch in almost every area. Please re-index the benefits. You will have my vote.

Angela Aitchison


It has been difficult getting the minimum on Aish. I feel that I can’t even afford to live with rising costs. I have to rely more on the food bank now. And my mother is a senior paying over $300 a month on medication that blue cross doesn’t cover. I feel that seniors should be able to get medication at no cost as Aish recipients do. I have seven more years before I am a senior. I do know that I wont be taking any more medication once I’m 65. And Aish stops when you reach 65? It is meant for the severely handicapped. I guess once we turn 65 we no longer have our disabilities. I only wish.

Brad Nelson


I am a pensioner and income taxes are not my biggest concern when it comes to inflation. What about increasing property taxes, changes to Blue Cross for seniors, increasing fixed and variable utility fees, doubling of vehicle insurance rates, and out of control food prices .