POWERING ALBERTA’S ECONOMY: The Alberta NDP’s submission on the AUC inquiry

The Alberta NDP has formally filed to the Alberta Utilities Commission, opposing the ban on renewable energy and calling for equal treatment across all energy development.  

Alberta had been leading Canada in renewable energy growth at the time the ban was imposed. Companies with active renewable energy projects or planning to invest in Alberta have made it clear it came without warning or consultation.

“We know that this heavy-handed government intervention to meddle with the market and stop renewable energy growth in its tracks has cost us as many as 24,000 jobs and $33 billion in investment,” said Nagwan Al-Guneid, Alberta NDP Energy & Climate Critic for Electricity, Utilities & Renewables. 

“We are making it clear to the AUC, as well as Albertans, that we support responsible growth of renewable energy and the jobs and investment it brings.

The submission, drafted by Al-Guneid, calls for the ban to be lifted immediately in order to restore investor confidence and protect jobs and any new rules to be applied across all energy development — not just on the renewables sector.

This is about building our future, lowering emissions,  and moving our economy forward,” Al-Guneid said. 

The move from the UCP comes amid a global boom in renewable energy development. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates investment in solar will overtake investment in oil and gas as $1.8 trillion will be invested globally in clean energy and infrastructure this year alone. This investment is expected to roughly double by 2030 as nearly half of the world's electricity supply will come from renewable energy.

Alberta has also experienced significant growth in the sector with over $5 billion flowing into the province and the creation of 5,500 jobs since 2019. The Pembina Institute estimates the ban threatens $33 billion in investment and 24,000 jobs.

Read the full submission below. 

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