Hydrogen Proposal

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and is the first chemical element of the periodic table.  At standard temperature and pressure it is a colourless, non-toxic, odourless, tasteless, and flammable gas. On Earth, however, it is rarely found in its pure form and must therefore be produced from compounds that contain it. Once produced, it can be used to store and make energy.

Hydrogen has the potential to be used as a fuel source for commercial and consumer purposes.  Going forward, hydrogen has the potential to be used where modern batteries may not make sense, such as the heavy trucking or maritime transportation industries.

The current global hydrogen market is developing and many key technologies have just entered the market; however, we have seen some incredible progress in recent years. Moving quickly on establishing a well-developed plan is necessary and will take advantage of a great opportunity to create jobs everywhere from downtown Calgary to the Industrial Heartland surrounding Edmonton and elsewhere.

-Kathleen Ganley & Irfan Sabir


We have proposed 11 recommendations in our report. However, this is not an exhaustive or finalized list of policies. We want to hear your thoughts and add your ideas. Please contact us, comment or attend the upcoming consultations. 


 Our Proposals

  1. Lead a comprehensive conversation and study on the safety, business case, market interest and feasibility of an export hydrogen pipeline and consider a loan guarantee program to support projects that meet strict criteria

  2. Work with industry and communities for made-In-Alberta Hydrogen Hubs

  3. Work with communities, farmers and  industrial partners on potential hydrogen applications 

  4. Conduct an inventory of current hydrogen infrastructure 

  5. Develop an incentive program for larger hydrogen projects 

  6. Attract skilled workers and developing homegrown talent  

  7. Develop a proper regulatory environment

  8. Facilitate partnerships in the province and interjurisdictional cooperation 

  9. Fund new research on hydrogen

  10. Support pilot programs and innovation

  11. Reduce carbon intensity of hydrogen produced in Alberta


Please read our full report for rationale of each proposal and background information on why Alberta can be a global leader in Hydrogen. 


Check out our one page summary that compares our hydrogen strategy to the UCP's: 

Alberta NDP's Hydrogen Strategy vs. The UCP's Hydrogen Strategy

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