Alberta has vast geothermal resources that present an opportunity to diversify our economy, create immediate and long-term jobs, provide clean, renewable energy and lower our GHG emissions. However, compared to the rest of the world, Alberta’s geothermal energy potential is largely untapped.

Experts are saying that geothermal energy is the “next hot thing in Alberta” because of its potential as a clean, renewable resource that could power a new, sustainable energy industry using the same infrastructure as the oil and gas industry.

There is currently a lot of enthusiasm among companies, researchers, and communities to explore these opportunities. In fact, a number of different companies are already working on different geothermal projects and several others are looking to enter the sector.

Geothermal offers a range of clean technology solutions for today’s industrial processes. It’s also a potential source of electricity. Geothermal energy is a “right-now” jobs prospect for those in the skilled trades, information technology and geospatial mapping.

Rachel Notley

Our Proposals

  1. Develop a Geothermal Energy Royalty Regime

  2. Build and Promote Local Private Markets for Geothermal in Alberta

  3. Support Municipalities and Community Generation

  4. Incentivize Geothermal Innovation in Alberta

  5. Create Synergies with Oil and Gas

  6. Convert Oil and Gas Liabilities into New Assets

  7. Work with the Federal Government on Advancing Geothermal Opportunities

  8. Promote the Export of Alberta Geothermal Services and Technology

Please read our full report for rationale of each proposal and background information on why it is beneficial for Alberta expand into Geothermal. 

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Denise Wall


I am in. The Alberta Views pointed this out years ago. Get your rear view mirror removed Jason....please.

Sabrina bachand


How many permanent jobs does this create?

Victor Moran

Posted In California they will extract lithium, like we could in Alberta.

Doug Mr. Hart


I have been following geothermal electricity generation for about ten years. There are 28 countries in the world creating electricity for home heating (and cooling), and for automobile propulsion (none in Canada). Unfortunately most people understand "geothermal" to mean heating the local courthouse or pig barn with heat from 400 meters below the surface. New drilling and boring, directional drilling, closed loop technology, heat exchangers, and secondary vaporization fluids, have made it possible to create electricity where it is needed (eliminating the need for large transmission lines). It creates opportunities for local or co-op ownership of an essential services. In this proposal you do not mention electricity once. You need to separate capturing surface heat, from creating electricity from hot dry rock. You need to spell out creating electricity. The oil patch has conscripted the use of the word energy to mean oil and gas. We need to change this. Stop using energy as a generic term. Be Specific! Geothermal electricity

Jesse Hahn


Commending your government for FINALLY acknowledging Geothermal in Alberta as a real opportunity. Better late than never. Too bad we have already lost brilliant researchers in the field such as Dr. Jonathan Banks who was the one responsible for founding Terrapin Geothermics but recently moved back to the US. But im sure we have other great Human capital here we can tap. Now if you'd be so kind as to knock the UCP out of office and save our province, that'd be great.

Chand Gul


More than 80% of today’s energy demand is produced using fossil fuels. According to the Global energy review of 2020 , the impact of the Covid 19 on global energy demand and CO2 emissions.

Everett Jerry


You have my support, this type of well thought out plans is how governments should operate. Diversity is the key.