Alberta Surplus Town Hall

Generation after generation of Albertans has taken a ride on the revenue rollercoaster. While it's exciting on the way up, it can be rough on the way down.

We need to develop a new strategy that takes us off the boom and bust cycle. One that diversifies our economy and creates new well-paying jobs in emerging fields. 

At the same time, address the emergency cost of the living crisis we currently face. One that we have not seen in four decades. 

How we use the surplus is a critical conversation at a critical moment. It's about how we build a successful roadmap for Alberta's future and help as many Albertans as possible to succeed.

That's why we want to hear from you. Let us know how you want to see the surplus used. Let us know what you need in the short term to help you make ends meet while we face record inflation and how to build a better economic roadmap for our province. 

Join Finance Critic Shannon Phillips and other members of the Alberta NDP Caucus on October 5th at 6:00 pm for the Alberta Surplus Consultation.

Your privacy is important to us. Any personal information you share with Alberta's NDP Caucus is strictly confidential.


Alberta Surplus Virtual Town Hall