Calgary's Downtown Future with MLA Joe Ceci

Calgarians, we want to hear from you.

Calgary’s downtown has been hollowed out, and has become a shell of what it once was. We have seen multiple companies move their headquarters out of Calgary, office vacancies have skyrocketed to over 30 percent and many small businesses closed their doors. 

Jason Kenney's current strategy is not working. The Government’s 4.7 billion dollar corporate hand out did not spur any new investment or invigorate Calgary’s downtown in any way. All it did was create a race to the bottom with more business closures and layoffs. 

We need a bold new plan. One that commits to redeveloping Calgary’s Downtown as the economic hub for a new diversified economy. One that supports renewable energy, grows our technology sector, builds a vibrant cultural centre, and creates an environment for Calgary's small businesses to succeed.  

We have recently released our policy proposals around revitalizing Calgary's downtown. However, these ideas are not finalized. We want to hear your feedback and ideas on how we make downtown Calgary world-class destination to live, work and socialize.   

Read our full 'Bringing New Energy to Downtown Calgary' proposal paper here


A Discussion On Calgary’s Downtown Future with MLA Joe Ceci