Posted on Oct 4, 2021

UCP Must Report number of Surgeries Cancelled Due to their Fourth Negligence & Release a Plan to Address Backlog

We are calling on the UCP to provide daily reports on how many Albertans have had critical surgeries cancelled because the province’s hospitals are overrun with COVID-19 patients.

Jennifer Wood lives in Fort Saskatchewan. Her 16-month-old daughter Robin lives with hypotonia and hyperekplexia. Robin burns calories very quickly and is significantly underweight for her age. After exhausting all other options, doctors advised Jennifer and her husband that they needed to surgically insert a feeding tube.

These delays didn’t need to happen, had the government demonstrated leadership and acted to address the fourth wave. It didn’t need to happen if people chose to do the right thing and follow necessary precautions, including getting vaccinated.

Families are paying the price for the choices of others, including the choice not to act by Jason Kenney's 60 UCP MLAs.

We believe there are thousands of families struggling with cancelled surgeries right now, but the truth is we don’t know just how widespread the pain and suffering extends. We don’t know the true scale of the problem.

“She was also due to have multiple surgeries this fall to help with numerous challenges with her eyes and dislocated hips. On September 16, we received the call we had been dreading. Robin’s feeding tube surgery and her other operations are all postponed. Two weeks later, we have not been given a new date. It is still postponed indefinitely." Jennifer Woods 


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