Posted on Nov 24, 2020

Province Wide Mandatory Mask Policy

The Alberta NDP is calling on Jason Kenney and the UCP government to implement a mandatory mask policy for all public indoor spaces in all regions. 

There many communities are on the enhanced list that currently do not have mask policies in place. Implementing a provincial mask policy for all regions will protect our healthcare system in rural areas and smaller communities that currently do not have a mask mandate. 


This UCP government has already gone out of their way to undermine health care in rural and remote parts of Alberta. I’m very concerned that if we don’t reduce cases quickly, these centres will be completely overrun. At the end of the day, it’s a fairly simple thing we can do. Masks reduce community spread and don’t hurt the economy- Rachel Notley

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Anne Mitchell


I have worked as a Home Care Case Manager in Hythe and Beaver Lodge. I fully support this measure and the teaching required to give communities a clear picture of their ongoing risks with Covid is in real time as it evolves. It is important to have neutral Health Educators from AHS, communicating extensively through mail flyers, radio, and TV especially because the further you are from major communities, the less likely you are to have up to date online information. It is historically, a well practiced way to keep the masses ignorant of contentious issues, that as a politician you don’t support. The UCP knows this, and utilizes the “ignorance is bliss” model in it’s Covid communications. That is why they make and broadcast decisions about Covid management based on “modelling” which may/may not be useful, instead of cold, hard, scientific juried studies and results.