Posted on Dec 22, 2020

New Supports for New Small Business So They Can Make it Through the Second Shutdown

Alberta’s NDP, the owners of new small businesses and sole proprietors are calling on the UCP Government to provide critical supports to help them survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

New small businesses that opened after February do not qualify for the Provincial Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant, or the Federal Canadian Rent Subsidy and Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy because they do not have past revenue statements to prove a drop in earnings. Any business that began operations in March or later are not eligible.

The Alberta NDP is calling on the UCP government to provide needed financial support for new small businesses by implementing the following: 

  • Immediately allow new businesses access to the full $20,000 dollars available through the Small and Medium Sized Business Relaunch Grant. 
  • Create rent subsidy and wage subsidy programs for new businesses who do not qualify for federal support because they do not have the past revenue requirements. 

“These small businesses have been operating for months without support. Jason Kenney’s mismanagement of the COVID-19 has caused them to be heavily restricted or even shut down. This government had months to develop supports for new businesses but they still have not received a penny.” - Rod Loyola

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Pavan Gullapally


The grants , rent and wage subsidy should be available to every business opened in 2020, March to December , Don’t put any political eligibility criteria , this is the time the businesses need more support specially those who don’t qualify for federal assistance

Melissa Desjarlais


Finally a" WO:MAN " with a Plan

Rajesh Srivastava


Thank God! Some one is there to listen to me. Since 1994 have been in restaurant business and enjoyed every bit of it. I was opening a new restaurant in March 2020 after the construction and leasehold improvement. Unfortunately, could not open it because of COVID -19 but still paying $10,000.00 rent and utilities and other operating costs. We opened it on 21 May with 50% capacity. We don't qualify for any of the Federal or Alberta Government grant/subsidy or loan . Hope Alberta Government relaunch program may help us. Thanks to NDP

Del Smith


“Immediately allow new businesses access to the full $20,000 dollars available through the Small and Medium Sized Business Relaunch Grant.” Define “New Business” What would prevent a “New Business” business from simply taking the $20,000 offered and then immediately going out of business, thereby avoiding operating losses & recovering incurred startup costs?

Brenda Lassiter


Please help. I have used all of my retirement savings to aid in the rent of my son's business.