Posted on Dec 14, 2020

Emergency Payment Program to Help Unemployed Albertans Get Through the Holidays

Holiday Emergency Lifeline Payment - HELP

Alberta’s NDP is proposing a program to help Albertans facing sudden unemployment over the holidays and to provide a shot of adrenaline to the provincial economy in the wake of new closure measures that came into effect over the weekend. 

The Holiday Emergency Lifeline Payment (HELP) program would give $1,000 to each worker who was laid off or furloughed during the second closure, which took effect Sunday. The money would provide bridge funding to Albertans while they wait for Employment Insurance or the Canada Recovery Benefit, which can take up to 14 days to receive.

The premier delayed taking action and now he’s shut down these businesses at the busiest time of year,” said NDP Critic for Economic Development and Innovation Deron Bilous. “This program will help stimulate the economy and prevent further job losses. This will help reduce the economic impact of the lock down and set us up for recovery when the economy reopens

MLA Deron Bilous

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Peter Johnson


I've been working at two restaurants before and during covid.I've been laid off twice and am now collecting E.I. Almost everyone is now living under the poverty level(including the owners). Its hurtful to hear people think we want to be unemployed,not one person at either place has quit. The owners took a lot more shifts to cut hours + the lack of business and shorter days really hurt everyone as well. Many are behind on rent,or racking up credit. A lot of us feel like the forgotten ones in all this . I hope there is acknowledgment from government soon,and at least a conversation.

Judy Taylor


We do need to help many people, but we also need to teach many how to help themselves. A good number of people quit their jobs because it was easier to collect money for not working. Ask any business man. Education is of vital importance if we are to have a good working force in the future and we somehow need to teach pride in accomplishment and not reward entitlement as we have seemed to encourage. It won’t be easy but it is necessary for the future of Canada, one of the best and safest places in the world to live. Like and greatly admire Rachel Notley!

Lorraine Lourie


I am furious the Premier has chosen to just muddle through. Your plan is a good one. It is effortless to live during a pandemic if you have a bunch of cash. This is not the greatest time of the year for many. We know for sure that family violence is bad but times like this it is hard to leave. Especially for women in rural areas that don’t have help close by. All social problems are exacerbated during winter. Add Covid and add big trouble. Our people certainly deserve better. I am worried the kids that get food at school are hungry. I could go on. No matter what happens I believe shelter, food and safety are necessary. These are basic human rights. Albertans need money and need it now. I am cognizant of the cost. It doesn’t matter because our people must be cared for. I am very concerned about having to pay back CERB, son of CERB and EI. Sending a letter from Revenue Canada is the most stupid idea possible. People that can’t afford shelter and food cannot pay back money. It will only kick people in the teeth when the are already down. Keep up the fight. Thank you Rachel.

Steve Cameron


Thank you.