Posted on Nov 26, 2020

Creation of an Independent COVID-19 Advisory Group

Alberta’s NDP Caucus is calling for the establishment of an independent COVID-19 advisory group to report data and provide advice to Albertans, following the revelation that Dr Deena Hinshaw’s relationship with Premier Jason Kenney has become what the Chief Medical Officer described to her colleagues as a “bloody and excruciating campaign.”

Recordings of meetings among senior public health officials, released to CBC, shows that Dr. Hinshaw’s advice has been discarded by the Kenney government is ignoring public health advice and jeopardizing the health, safety, and economic security of Albertans. 

Today I am calling on Jason Kenney to establish an independent advisory group of public health and scientific experts. In order to avoid politicization of their selection, these experts must have peer-reviewed credentials and they would report directly to the people of Alberta with the data that the government has refused to release and provide unfiltered - Rachel Notley

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Del Smith


I believe Albertans are sick & tired of government spending their money on “Advisory Panels” to allow government avoid making their own assessments. Regarding health pandemic action guidelines, isn’t that the CMOH job? That position & their support group are the proper people to recommend policy. The government’s job is to follow those recommendations.