Posted on Feb 17, 2021

Call to Give Alberta Workers Three Paid Hours to get Vaccinated

We are calling on the UCP government to speed up the province’s economic recovery by ensuring every worker can get vaccinated without fear of losing part of their income, with a proposal that is broadly similar to the paid hours guaranteed to workers who need to leave their jobsite to vote.

Our proposal is for a Ministerial Order to be issued under section 52.1(2) of the Public Health Act to mandate that workers are entitled to receive three hours of paid time off in order to obtain the vaccination, or to assist a vulnerable family member as long as they provide documentation to their employer.

Specifically, the order should lay out:

1. Notwithstanding section 53.982(1) of the Employment Standards Act, an employee is entitled to paid leave for 3 hours for the purpose of obtaining the COVID-19 vaccination for

a. The employee, or
b. A vulnerable family member who requires assistance

2. Notwithstanding section 53.982(1) of the Employment Standards Act, an employee under clause 1 of this order is exempt from the requirement to be employed for 90 days by the same employer.

3. No employer may make a deduction from the pay of an employee or impose or exact from the employee any penalty by reason of the employee’s absence from employment for the purpose of obtaining the COVID -19 vaccination.

4. An employee is entitled to these same benefits for both the first and second dose of the vaccination.

Widespread vaccination is the single most important factor in getting our small and medium-sized businesses running again. Whether you work in a restaurant, a movie theatre, or a meat-packing plant, you shouldn’t be worried about losing pay when your turn comes to get vaccinated. 

- Christina Gray



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