Posted on Mar 30, 2021

Call for the Introduction of an Alberta Travel Pass tourism voucher

The Alberta NDP is calling for the creation of the Alberta Travel Pass tourism voucher to promote Albertans to vacation in the province’s mountains and parks this summer.

Under the Alberta Travel Pass, families who vacation within the province this summer would be eligible for a one-time rebate of 20 per cent of their travel costs up to $1,000 for  accommodation, food and drinks, activities like museums and recreation.

In Alberta, the landscape is part of who we are: we are campers, hikers, mountain bikers and more. We are weekend warriors to the very core - Rachel Notley

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Anne Mitchell


Great idea, but as Mr. Kenney has taken away Covid safeguards, and I am high risk, this will be a second summer I will be refusing this opportunity….I think I will take my tourism dollars to BC where it is safer, just like my son and DIL did, spending 4,000$ there. Safer.

Andrea Shragge


Good idea. I don't think many people will be traveling yet again this summer.

Michelle Bynoe


Brilliant idea. We need to invest in ourselves first before flying to Disneyland!

Vincent Callas


I like the basic premise of this though doubt the UCP will go along with it. Also I do think it needs to be adjusted so the benifit goes more to those that need it. I am guessing the 20% is to encourage spending money to help those in the travel industry, but to me the biggest benifit with this plan goes to those that can afford to spend $5000 on leisure and travel, people that already would likely already be doing this. It would be better to find a way to fund lower income families to enable them to do something they otherwise could likely not afford.