Posted on May 3, 2021

Call for Stiffest COVID-19 fines in Canada, Guideline from Solicitor General to Enforce the Rules

The vast majority of Albertans are doing their part each and every day and following the public health orders to keep themselves and others safe as we see record cases of COVID-19.
We owe it to them to do more to stop those who refuse and thumb their nose at the public health orders.

As such, Alberta’s NDP is calling for the following:

  • Triple the current fines for individuals to $3,600 per offence. This would make these penalties the stiffest in Canada.
  • Create a specific fine for any individual that obstructs the enforcement of public health orders. This fine will also specifically include harassment of frontline workers when they are enforcing mask mandates, physical distancing requirements and household rules for patio dining.
  • The issuance of a new guideline from the Solicitor General to police services to consistently and vigorously enforce the terms of the Public Health Act.
  • Transition all fines issued under the Public Health Act during the pandemic to the new administrative penalty process introduced through Bill 21 The Administrative Penalties Act 2020. This will allow for a streamlined process that will ensure more tickets are upheld and fines are formally charged to Albertans who break the law.

Now, it is time for the Premier to send a much clearer message to those people and anybody else who may have gotten the wrong message from his failure to enforce the rules as they sit.

The Official Opposition is offering to work directly with the Government should its proposals require legislation; however, the Premier would need to first reopen the legislature.

“It is clear that we are failing to enforce the current public health measures” said Opposition Leader Rachel Notley “The largest fine we can see levied against someone violating the public health orders to date was $1,500 handed out to the pastor at GraceLife Church. The largest ticket we have seen issued for a single violation is $1,200. I do not believe this is enough of a deterrent.” - Rachel Notley 


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